“I am committed to creating hair prostheses that enable everyone experiencing hair loss to lead a normal life  – to walk in the wind or play sports without worry.”
     – Peggy Knight

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Premium European hair wigs and hairpieces from Peggy Knight Wigs and short, medium, plus long length wigs for alopecia and medical hair loss. Private in-person wig consultations are available throughout the United States.

If you’re worried about hair loss, or you’re way past worried and you’re ready to do things right, we’re here to help you. Our Hair Wig Consultants bring dignity, compassion, professionalism, and expertise to you—in the privacy of your own home. From sales to service and product training, tips, and access to our added hair experts, many of us are wig wearers ourselves. 

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Our Human Hair Collection From the Makers of Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™

During these trying times, all of us are tempted to do our shopping online. Google is a wonderful tool to research products and solutions, but it is not always the best place to find your perfect wig. What you order and what you receive are not always the same. You either order blindly online, or your order taker has never worn a human hair wig and therefore does not understand your personal and private needs.

Let me take you by the hand and walk you through the ordering process. Together, we will discover the right type of base, the correct color, the proper length for your lifestyle & age and, most importantly, the proper size hair wig.  After decades of wearing human hair wigs myself and assisting women just like you, I am qualified to be your human hair wig professional. I KNOW HAIR!   I will be available by email, phone, text or FaceTime. Gone are the days of doing it on your own. Let’s partner.

By scheduling a free virtual hair piece consultation with me, you will receive my full attention and we will create your perfect human hair wig. I look forward to hearing from you.     I will be available by email, phone, text or FaceTime.  Gone are the days of doing it on your own. Let’s partner.

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We’re happy to show you the outstanding quality of the Follea Collection. And because many of our Consultants are also customers, you’ll get to actually see our full collection of human hair wigs in action.

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