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A Beautiful Story

Photo by Lonnie Adamson

Photo by Lonnie Adamson

I’ve accepted that my face isn’t what it once was and, despite squats, lunges and a regular workout routine, my butt will never be perky again. I was willing to give up my face and my ass but my hair? NO!

As I’ve aged, some of my friends have experienced cancer, chemotherapy and have lost their hair. Secretly, I was horrified and I thanked God for good health and my gratitude for my good fortune and health was immeasurable. I am a lucky girl.

Then it happened. I got sick. Not a little sick but really, really ill. For weeks I battled fever, stomach woes, medication, and rapid weight loss. After six weeks of misery I was finally better. I went on vacation with my husband and one night after I washed my hair, I had a strand wrapped around my fingers. “Honey, I think my hair is falling out,” I said. He assured me it was my imagination.

Every time I washed my hair, I had more and more loss. Three weeks into the shedding, it started coming out in handfuls. I freaked out. A meltdown. Total panic. OMG. I went to see the dermatologist and he said. “Oh, my goodness. You have Telogen effluvium. Try biotin and Nioxin and come to see me in three months.” At the rate I was going, I would be bald in three months.

That night, I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic and got on the internet and searched. I found Follea and Peggy Knight. I prepared myself for the inevitable. I emailed Peggy Knight and the next day I received an email. It said, “Send me your phone number.” I did and the next morning Carmen West from Florida called me. She talked me off the ledge as I was in a state of panic. She told me how to care for the hair I had left and what products to use. She said I would be a candidate for a Topette by Follea. Then by Monday, a package arrived and it was her Topette…and samples of hair colors. I slapped that blond hair onto my brassy red hair and it was secure. Natural. Good.

I chose my color and ordered my “hair.”

Kristie, my local hair stylist colored my hair to match the Follea hair. When it arrived, it was the PERFECT color.

Carmen and I arranged to meet in Nashville. The day arrived and we met face to face. She attached the Follea hair securely onto my crown and cut it into my current style. It is perfection. My office mates went crazy. “You look SOOOOO good!” They had to touch my hair. It is simply amazing. I can’t feel it. It isn’t hot, it is an extension of myself.

So now my own hair can fall out and grow back and I will still look amazing despite mother nature’s plan for me.

It is worth every penny for the piece of mind. Since my experience, I’ve learned that one out of four women experience hair loss in their lifetime, yet they don’t talk about it. It’s humiliating. I say, let’s take hair loss out of the closet and celebrate the amazing choices we have to compensate for this cruel slap from Mother Nature.

Thank you Follea, Peggy and my saving grace and new friend, Carmen. The depth of my gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you.

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