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A Few Ideas to Help You Better Care for Your Follea Hair…

Dear Valued Customers,
I wanted to share a few ideas to help you better care for your Follea hairpiece. If you find that your hair is dry and has lost sheen, it might be because of the products you are using to clean and condition. I know each stylist has his or her favorite product line, but it is not necessarily the best to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

My products of choice are Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche Luminous Softening shampoo and conditioner. It is a little on the pricey side, but one bottle of shampoo and conditioner can last a year or so. You can find this in high-end salons or online.


Make sure you are thoroughly rinsing ALL the shampoo and conditioner out of the hair. So remember: after washing and conditioning, rinse, rinse and rinse again! Also be advised that leave-in products such as conditioners, gels and mousses leave the hair looking dull and lifeless. These products cause the hair to gather air-borne dust particles, thus weighing it down and leaving your hair stringy, dull, and hard to manage.


It is normal to need repairs after 9–12 months of full-time wear. The repair process is easy: Just send your clean hair to me along with your personal information and any requests for the factory. I will have a look at the piece and offer any other suggestions.

Once your repair has been processed, the factory will send a quote for the work. Once your quote has been approved and paid for, the work begins. A completed repair will take 6-8 weeks from the time it is received. Please make arrangements to either buy a new piece or have a back-up piece to wear.

Styling & Coloring

Once your repair is completed and returned to you, it is time to schedule an appointment with your stylist to have the new longer hairs trimmed into your style. This is a good time to discuss the color and consider bringing it back to the original color.  

Please do not color your own hair. Leave this to the professionals. The Follea factory can return your hair to its original color during the repair process if you are a brunette or darker – no blondes. You can also ask that the factory deep condition your hair during the repair process if desired.

A Follea suggested stylist is also trained to color your hair back to its original color. It is normal to have your hair colored every 9–12 months to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.


Proper storage of your hair is very important. Keep it on a mannequin head wig stand when not in use. I suggest the Follea mannequin since it attaches to your countertop and makes styling simple. It is also sized perfectly for a Follea piece to prevent stretching.

Heat Styling

The use of a hot blow dryer opens the cuticles of the hair and creates a fuller look. If you prefer a natural, close-to-the-scalp look, I suggest letting the hair dry naturally and using a flat iron as a finishing touch. Some heat is OK, but too much can shorten the life of your hair.

Need Hair Help? Reach Out Anytime!!!

I will continue traveling to a location near you and will be available to schedule an appointment if you have any questions regarding your hair. Please know that I am your direct Follea contact. Call me anytime at 415-877-7004.


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