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Angelica wearing the donated custom colored Follea gripper hair piece.

I have been working with families that have a child with alopecia, since 2001. When I met Sara and her mother,  Sara was 5 and she just wanted hair like her friends at school. Her parents got her the custom size Follea Gripper Cool. Sara is 10 now and is wearing a 12 in length Follea gripper Cool.

Sara and her mother offered to donate her first custom size piece to another child who was in need.

Just last year I was able to give this donated Follea piece to Angelica.

Angelica wanted hair. She didn’t like the synthetic hair because it itched and slipped on her head and she didn’t want others to see her with out something on her head.

As a stylist I colored the Follea gripper piece to match Angelica’s hair color and sent it off to her.

She has had this piece for over a year now, she said that she feels free as a bird.

~ Carmen West