Follea Toppette

Recently I had surgery. I started to notice that my hair was falling out. While I was recovering, and was looking in the mirror and I could see my scalp. I had lost quite a bit of hair. Not so much that I was bare. So I ordered a Follea Toppette. I wear it all...
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My Visit to the Elephant Park

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Southern California. My client, Joanne Smith who is an elephant trainer, invited me to the elephant park. As I drove up the long drive way and entered the locked gates the first thing I saw was five beautiful animals. All were female and each had different personalities. They...
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Be Creative, Be YOU

Don’t let your hairpiece limit your options or define how you wear your hair! The world is your oyster! You are not limited with your Gripper™ or by your Gripper™! Don’t be afraid to explore your own unique style. Be Brave, Be Creative, BE YOU!  Create two braids on either side of the front of...
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Coping with Hair Loss

I read this quote and thought it appropriate because I have been reading posts from other hairloss sufferers, and hope it helps! Depending on where you are in your hair loss journey, different emotions and feelings surface, and I too have felt “lesser” as a woman. I can honestly say, for all those people who...
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Scalp Care with Lynda

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being a slick chick! In order to get the best grip out of my gripper here’s how I take care of my scalp and Gripper™! Every night I wash the silicone perimeter of my Gripper™ using a mild shampoo, cloth and warm water. This will rid the silicone...
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