What Is a Topette?

Hi everyone, A few years back, I created a video explaining the purpose of a Follea Topette and how to use one to conceal thinning hair. My customer base has been shifting over the past few years. I am now consulting with more women with thinning hair than ever before. No one seems to understand...
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What Is a Gripper Wig?

Hello fellow Alopecians,   I filmed this video four years ago and realized that with the exception of the names, everything is still current and relevant. Please note that the Gripper Sport is now called the Gripper Actif and the Gripper Cool is now called the Gripper Lite. All other information is current. This video...
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Follea Hair

Welcome to Follea! I am committed to providing you with expert, compassionate private consultations for your unique hair loss situation. Most of you know my personal story of hair loss, so I understand what you’re going through. Empathy coupled with Follea’s line of high quality hair solutions and superior customer service is what you can...
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