Meet Ronda Frandsen

It is our pleasure to introduce Ronda Frandsen the Colorado, Utah and Canada sales representative for the Follea ICAre team. Ronda had been a customer for many years before she made the decision to become a sales representative. Her ability to understand exactly what our customers are thinking and feeling came naturally to her because...
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Meet Diane Williamson…

FOLLEA TESTIMONIAL: Diane Williamson from FOLLEA on Vimeo. Diane Williamson is a full time professional on-camera and voice talent whose clients include Papa John’s, the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Motorola, Electrolux, Air Canada, about a dozen local clients in the Louisville area and hundreds of other clients for whom she’s done VO and on-camera work for...
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A Beautiful Story

I’ve accepted that my face isn’t what it once was and, despite squats, lunges and a regular workout routine, my butt will never be perky again. I was willing to give up my face and my ass but my hair? NO! As I’ve aged, some of my friends have experienced cancer, chemotherapy and have lost...
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Support Your Loved Ones with Alopecia Bracelets

Here at Follea, we take great pride in our efforts to support the Alopecia community by creating beautiful, natural and comfortable hairpieces, specifically designed for those experiencing significant hair loss. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that affects five million people in the United States, alone. Thus, we at Follea have made it an important...
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Cutting a Lace-Front Wig

We are frequently asked how to cut a lace-front wig, so we’re sharing this video with you to help you do just that. Please use the player below to watch this informative video. Please leave your comments and questions below. If you need further information and assistance, please contact us at 1-888-436-5532 or 1-310-858-0100.