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As I sit down to write the first “Coping with Hair Loss Blog”, I realize the vast knowledge I have to share.  My loss began over 50 years ago, when I was only 14 years of age.  Not much compassion came my way from family because my mother was in the process of losing her hair.  It was not what you might call a mother daughter bonding experience.  No, we did not cry on each other’s shoulders.  We just didn’t talk about it at all.  If you ignore it – it will go away.  How is that for denial? And how can you ignore bald patches on your head and strands of hair all over the house and down the drain.

Curse from Hell
The doctors labeled it Alopecia Areata.  I labeled it the curse from hell.  Why me!!!  Do I have to tell you what baldness does to a teenage girl’s self-esteem?  I had only two ways to go.  Become wallflower and hide out or become extroverted and put one foot in front of the other.  Just keep on walking forward.  I chose the latter which proved to be the foundation of my adult life.  My first job was a high-visibility position as a flight attendant requiring me to maintain self-esteem in the face of society’s expectations.

I embraced my life in wigs and promised myself I would life a full life. I became adept at fixing my own wigs, remailing strands and eventually styling various wigs and hairpieces.  In the early days, human hair wigs were hard to come by. And synthetic wig fibers were plastic that simulated hair.  Unfortunately, they were not heat resistant and often melted on my head while in the galley of the plane as I cooked.  I always traveled with two hairpieces just in case.  I abandoned the galley position as much as possible and opted to return to the aisle smile for the guests which was a much safer option.

Still in hiding I went through a few unsuccessful marriages that I can attribute to closure and low self-esteem.  It was not until I made the decision to make it my mission to find the perfect hairpiece that things started changing.  I started the one woman search for hair that was un detectible, secure and natural looking.

Self-Esteem and Confidence
This turning was the birth of my first hairpiece business.  Now, after 32 years I am still in the hairpiece business. I love helping women regain their self-esteem and confidence. My curse has now become my blessing. My passion is to continue to strive for the best hair possible.

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