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I have dealt with Alopecia all of my life

Alyce Martin

My name is Alyce Martin. I have dealt with Alopecia all of my life.

I lost my hair at the age of 4. It came in and out until the age of 10. At that point, I lost all of my hair in a matter of 2 months.

At the age of 10, I visited my first wig shop. That was back in 1970 and I had 2 choices. One color was white and one color was jet black. Of course, I chose the jet black. It was made for an adult and was very loose on me. I did not like the way I looked, but had no other options. There was no internet for me back then to search for more options.

I wore synthetic wigs, that didn’t fit my child sized head, for years. I went through school with teasing and awful looking hair. I didn’t have bad hair days, I had bad hair years!!

Finally, in 1988, someone told me about a women named Peggy Knight. They had seen her on TV and she was representing a company that had hairpieces that would actually fit my head. I contacted her and my life truly changed. She was the first person with Alopecia that I met. She truly knew what I was going through.

She asked me several years ago to work with her and help children and adults with hair loss. I am now the Mid West sales representative for Follea, Daniel Alain. It truly is my passion to be able to help anyone who is suffering with hair loss. I do know what you are going through.


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