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Dr Kimberly Cornelius MD

Dr Kimberly Cornelius MD

I met Dr Kim in 2002; she was an alopecian and needed the hair cut so it would not be in her eyes. We became friends over the years.  Dr Kim had several gripper Cool pieces. She developed cancer about 6 years ago, she fought to the end. I had the opportunity to pray for Dr Kim.

Her daughter, Megan got married last December and Dr Kim wanted a new gripper cool before the wedding. I was able to meet with her on these last 2 occasions to get the piece we wanted and to cut and style for the wedding. I am thankful that I was there for her. I received a special note from her, which I will keep. She sadly passed away last May.

She was a special person with an uplifting spirit, she is missed.

Kimberly’s steadfast devotion to her family and friends was rivaled only by her commitment to her work as a medical practitioner. After graduating with honors from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1984-the first female from Rockcastle County to graduate from medical school-she completed her residency at the University of Kentucky. She began her career at Danville Family Physicians and shortly after accepted the job of Medical Director at Rockcastle Regional Hospital at just thirty years of age. Highly respected by her peers, Kimberly earned countless honors and distinctions throughout her career as a primary care physician and respiratory specialist. She was considered a dear friend by many of the patients she so passionately and tirelessly cared for. Notwithstanding her many successes in the medical field, Kimberly would be the first to tell you that her greatest achievement of all was her daughter Meagan, whom she adored above all else in this world.

An avid student, sports enthusiast, mother, and lifelong member of the First Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, Kimberly lived her life to the fullest. She will be most remembered for her beautiful smile and contagiously uplifting personality, which captured the hearts of many. She will be deeply missed by her family and friends, but we can rest assured that she is smiling down on us today.

~ Carmen West