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Gripper Wearer on The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show featured Brittany, a young woman with alopecia, wearing a Follea Gripper® wig in an uplifting segment with Tyra Banks. This segment was a follow-up to a Tyra Banks show in which Tyra helped Brittany face school bullies and addressed issues that many women struggle with when experiencing hair loss. During this segment, one of our lovely Follea ICARe Representatives, Peggy Knight, also reached out and supported Brittany by gifting her with a stunning Follea Gripper® wig.

Through this experience, Brittany has demonstrated great courage and strength. We are very happy and inspired to see how Brittany has grown into a beautiful and confident woman.

Watch this video to view Brittany’s transformation and find out more about her experience with alopecia.

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