What we do

Compassionate Home Service and Sales of FOLLEA by Daniel Alain Wigs and Hairpieces.

Free Private Consultation  | across the US and Canada

ADDED HAIR EXPERTISE | Consultation, Ordering, & Aftercare

EXPERIENCE, SENSITIVITY | Touched by Hair Loss and Filled with Purpose

Peggy Knight improves the lives of women and children by:

Assisting clients in finding hair additions or medical hair replacements best suited to the type of loss;

Teaching clients how to care for hair additions or medical replacement pieces;

Styling and installing new additions and replacements;

Answering questions, providing caring & expert advice.

“Time really flies! It seems like yesterday when alopecia areata paid her first visit. Now over 50 years later she is still lingering. She is like the bad house guest that won’t leave. I couldn’t get rid of her so my only choice was to cover her up. Some of the scars still linger but they get easier to deal with over time. I made it my life’s mission to find the best cover up since I was unsuccessful finding a cure. Over a 30 year span of time, many hairpieces came and went. Each had their pluses and minuses. But nothing had it all. Until now.

All of these years later, I introduce the Follea by Daniel Alain line of products. I am wearing a Gripper™ wig. Would you believe this piece is over two years old and still has more life in it. I am cool and secure in this piece. The cut and color are exactly what I always dreamed of, and now it is mine.

Please allow me to show you the Follea by Daniel Alain line. You can try on samples and see the brilliant colors. You can feel the security and lightness.”

— Peggy Knight

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Free Consultation with Peggy Knight.

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