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Doing Volume and Bouncy Curls

image 2 imageI love volume and bouncy curls! This is how I style my Follea! For extra volume pin your Follea hair piece up side down to dry after washing. This will create volume at the root.

When it’s almost dry put your hair on and blow dry up side down on low heat or cool air works fine too. This will give you spectacular lift!

Bouncing curls use 2″ barrel curling iron on very low heat, you can get great curl without excessive heat! Gone are the days of spraying hair spray on your iron! This will keep your hair from frying and keep your curls soft and bouncy . To start section your hair from crown to temple place in clip at the top of your head leave this for now. Start with curling your lower portion first rotate your curling iron outwards away from you face, go all the way around. Now your ready to do your top portion. Curl in sections while holding your curling iron horizontally curl the sections downward this again will give you added lift at the root.  Let your curls set for a few minutes and gently run your fingers through it to break up curls.

My Follea two days after my first curl! My hair will stay like this till washing day!

By Lynda Hnidey