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Meet Diane Williamson…

FOLLEA TESTIMONIAL: Diane Williamson from FOLLEA on Vimeo.

Diane Williamson is a full time professional on-camera and voice talent whose clients include Papa John’s, the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Motorola, Electrolux, Air Canada, about a dozen local clients in the Louisville area and hundreds of other clients for whom she’s done VO and on-camera work for the past 25 years. For 2 years she’s been recording with OnStar and is now the new voice in their 2013 and newer models. She began her career in radio and television in Louisville in 1985 and is currently writing and producing a weekly video news release for the local school corporation in Southern Indiana where she lives. Diane also does public speaking and social media consulting in addition to the voiceover work she does from her home recording studio.

“Being in the public ear and eye, I get constant feedback about my looks and fortunately, it’s nearly always positive. I’m used to people asking me who does my hair and I’m typically ready with the name of a local stylist friend who keeps track of my frequently-changing styles. The fact is – I’ve never really wanted the spotlight to be on my alopecia so I’ve stayed under the radar about it. I have never wanted my hair loss to be the topic or the focus of my conversations with people I meet or work with. However, I’m beginning to realize there are a lot more women out there like me who are just trying to do their jobs, make a living, raise their families, and spend time with friends – and having to wear a wig can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. I believe the Follea line (and I’m only beginning to see what they have to offer) is a REAL SOLUTION to the inconvenience and discomfort many professional women feel.”

Here’s a link to Diane’s YouTube channel where you can see her weekly video productions: