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Recovering from Hair Loss

20140613_160909-e1406061778568-176x300Last month was the anniversary of my diagnosis of Alopecia Universalis. Although it was a year ago, I still remember the feelings and the devastation that I felt. I can say I did come through it alive, although at times it did feel like the worst thing that had ever happened. The good news is you DO get through it but it does forever change you, and hopefully for the better. I can say it has made me a stronger person and I definitely feel more beautiful inside and out.

My alopecia has made a number of things easier for me. As a woman of color, although it was not voluntary, it has opened up all sorts of options for working out without any thought of what to do without my hair. I go to water aerobics and hot yoga without having to have a strategic plan on what to do to my hair before and after such a workout. I have saved numerous hours in the salon. I am not exactly sure what I have done with the hours and money saved but I imagine I have spent more time with my kids and possibly bought an extra pair of shoes and outfits.

This is my first summer wearing my Follea hair and it’s been very cool (pun intended) to have a comfortable hair piece. Being that it is summer, I am appreciating that I don’t have to worry about my growth roots getting “nappy” or frizzing, can you say freedom?

I, in no way mean to make light of the devastation and emotional toll that takes place with the loss of my hair. However, in order to heal, I had to accept what was and continue to accept what is, in order to progress.

I am grateful I can still remember those dark days and use it as an anchor so that I can overcome setbacks. The ability to help other’s find a hair solution that works for them renews my spirit that they too, will overcome.

Nikki Roblow lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an active mother of 2 boys. In her free time she participates in half marathons, enjoys yoga. She believes life can be complicated ao she strives to simplify her life when and where possible. She has been a representative for 6 months.

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