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My Hair Replacement Decision

DSC_6303-MOTIONWhen I first lost my hair, I was in denial that it was actually Alopecia Universalis. Once I accepted the diagnosis after wearing an ill fitted synthetic wig, I quickly realized why the hair piece was not working for me. First of all, the hair piece was a one size fits all piece that I picked up from my local beauty supply out of necessity as a result of losing the majority of my hair in a matter of 2 days. Although I did receive some compliments on the style of the piece, one could clearly detect it was a wig. After I purchased the piece and was wearing it, I had complete anxiety about deciding to wear a different piece. After all, that would be a sign that it was, indeed, a wig. I was then on the search for a hair piece that was comfortable, secure and reflected my style. A style in which I wanted to outwardly reflect who I am.

I contemplated the decision to go without hair, but I realized the hair would more than likely not grow back, so I began to look at my outer appearance differently. I liked what I saw in the mirror and had to become accustomed to my new appearance. In my acceptance of that new appearance, I realized I now know my true beauty. My true beauty was overcoming another one of life’s disappointments and challenges. It is such a blessing that Alopecia has no other medical health implications. However, for many reasons, I decided wearing a head cover was for me, and I knew I was on a quest for the perfect hairpiece.

The decision to choose a hair replacement solution was more about me recognizing and wanting to see the person in the mirror I had known for the majority of my life. Unfortunately, it was very frustrating determining what my options for a high quality hairpiece were. It took months of research before I learned of Follea. Once I learned about the product, watched all of the videos, read testimonials and product specifications, I was anxious to see the hairpiece. Once I saw for myself the quality of Follea, I had no doubt that I had found the product I could wear exclusively. The decision is one that I believe accelerated my recovery about my hair loss.

Nikki Roblow lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an active mother of 2 boys. In her free time she participates in half marathons and enjoys yoga. She believes life can be complicated so she strives to simplify her life when and where possible. She has been a representative for 6 months.