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The Simplicity of Follea

DSC_6304-MIXI cannot at all downplay the devastation of losing one’s hair. However, after you’ve cried all you can, you have to come to a point of acceptance in the loss process, and find the good in it. I would not at all choose to lose my hair, but since it was not a choice, I quickly came to realize that my hair piece looked better than my growth hair. It’s not like I didn’t have very thick beautiful hair. I was so proud of my hair, I spent countless hours in the salon and a huge financial investment to ensure I had healthy locks. It was during the mourning process of my hair loss, that I couldn’t help but to think God took my hair for me to get closer to Him. Regardless, whatever the reason it happened, I no longer had any, so I quickly became very grateful that I could live without hair, despite at times feeling differently.

The compliments I get on my hair and how confident I feel about it makes me believe it’s truly better than my growth hair. The benefits to not having growth hair and having the beautiful Follea piece is I no longer spend hours in the salon, tons of money on salon visits, and I no longer have bad hair days! I was never the type of girl who could style my hair with ease. Now I am able to wash, dry and style my hair to look like I just stepped out of the salon chair. I have to admit, I do miss the girl time in the salon but have filled that time up doing things with my time that matter. This week, after feeling grateful for these benefits, one of my closest friends commented to the same that my new hair is better than my growth hair. I happily agreed with her, shaking my head saying “Now why would I want hair?” After all, when life gives you lemons make lemonade!


Nikki Roblow lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an active mother of 2 boys. In her free time she participates in half marathons, enjoys yoga. She believes life can be complicated ao she strives to simplify her life when and where possible. She has been a representative for 6 months.