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Pay Pal Financing now available for all Follea hairpeices

In keeping with my commitment to customer service, I am reaching out today to find out if I can be of assistance to you. Whether you’re in need of a wig repair, a color refresh treatment, a new hairpiece or helpful advice about caring for your hair, I am here to serve you!


Most Follea hairpieces need repairs every nine months to one and a half years. The process takes approximately 6-8 weeks and is done in the factory. Once I process your repair, it will be sent to the factory for evaluation and assigned a price quote. This quote will then be sent to you for your approval. At this point, you can feel free to ask questions and approve the full repair quote or just part of it. After completion, the repaired piece will be sent out to you. The final step is cut correction, which will blend the new, longer hair into the original cut for a seamless finish.

Color Refresh

All human hair oxidizes (gets lighter) with time. To keep your wig from straying too far from its original color, it is best to have a color refresh done every nine months to one and a half years. Refreshing the color every so often will ensure that it does not get too light for your complexion. Follea trained colorists are qualified to color refresh, as they know the original colors well and are highly skilled at restoring them. If your wig is in need of both repair and color refreshing, both processes can be completed at once at the factory.

New Orders

The new Daniel Alain line of Follea hairpieces came out approximately one and a half years ago. If you haven’t seen these designs yet, you’ve been missing out on several new and improved features! For instance, the Daniel Alain wigs have an extended lace front which extends from ear to ear. This is especially important for those of you who prefer a style without bangs. In most cases, the pieces are hand tied throughout (with the exception of Actif). This feature gives them a more natural scalp, especially when the wind blows. Furthermore, the scalps of the wigs are now made of a skin material that looks more realistic. This is particularly important for Follea wearers who are sensitive to the netting at the scalp line.

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Caring for Your Hair

From time to time, we here at Follea suggest new hair care products. If you are experiencing tangling or dull hair, it may be related to the products you are using. I can help you bring your hair back to its original shine and texture with new, high-quality products. In addition, a deep conditioning treatment can be added to your piece at the factory during your repair to improve its texture and shine.


Did you know that Follea now offers PayPal Credit? It’s as easy as placing your order and checking out with PayPal! Plus, there is no interest for the first six months. If you have been putting off buying a new Follea hairpiece because it is just not the right time, this may be a game changer for you.

If you’re in need of any of these services, I’d love to be your hair guru. I have over 50 years of personal experience with wigs and more than 35 years as a consultant. I can always be reached by email, text or phone — just look below for my contact information. I look forward to working with you!

Please contact me personally if you have any questions. , or 800-997-7753 415-877-7004
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