Learn About the World's Best Wigs from the World's #1 Wig Wearing Expert.


Hear Peggy's story and learn about Peggy Knight™ services and products.

What is a Gripper????

Peggy Knight introduces Follea's famous Gripper™ wig, and shows us the difference between Gripper™ Cool and Gripper™ Sport.

Aéro & Lifestyle Wigs

Peggy introduces Follea's Aéro & Lifestyle Wigs.

What is a Topette®?

Peggy Knight talks about the Follea® European hair Topette®, how it works, how to blend it in with existing hair, and how those living with hair loss can benefit.

How to Order

Peggy shows us how to order a Follea® piece.

Package Arrival, Styling

You are soon to be the proud owner of a Follea® hairpiece. Here is what you can expect once your order has been shipped.

Washing your Follea

Peggy Knight shows us how to wash a Follea® wig.

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