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Wind Tested, Follea Approved


The World Yacht Day cruise I went on this past August was a lot of fun, as usual. This is the fourth year I’ve been on this day cruise and I have to say, this year was by far the best. One of the main reasons I was able to enjoy myself is because of my new Follea® hairpiece.

In the past, I’ve worn wigs and it has always been an ordeal. I was always worried that the wind would reveal more than I wanted. I was also worried that the front hairline would show, with my carefully placed tape or glue and it would look very fake and “wiggy.”

The real horror was imagining the wind blowing the back of my wig and my bare scalp would show between the wide wefts! I usually spent most of my time on the bottom deck, out of the wind, avoiding these possible horrors.

This year was so different! You can tell by my smile that I did not have a single worry about my hair. My Follea® hairpiece passed the test with flying colors. Firstly, my Gripper™ Cool is so secure. With the baby hairs cut into my piece around the perimeter, I didn’t worry about the wind whipping my hair around and revealing any structural parts of my piece. The tight wefts on the sides and in the back made my scalp completely undetectable. What’s more, the hair behaved beautifully.  My Follea® hairpiece has really given me the liberation I have always wanted from the inhibition I’ve felt as a result of my Alopecia Universalis.

Thank you Follea®!


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