Long Length 18″ Human Hair Wig Topper | Peggy Knight Wigs

Topper Long length 18″ Human Hair Hand Made – A Long-length 18″ topper made from premium European hair is a highly sought-after hair extension option for women looking to enhance the volume and length of their hair. This type of hair topper is designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing a natural-looking result that’s both beautiful and easy to maintain.



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Long Length 18″ Human Hair Wig Topper | Peggy Knight Wigs

A long-length 18″ human hair wig topper crafted from premium European hair is an ideal choice for women seeking enhanced volume and length for their hair extensions. This topper seamlessly blends with your natural hair, providing a beautiful, easy-to-maintain, and natural-looking result.

The human hair wig topper is meticulously made from the finest European hair, boasting a silky, healthy texture and shine. Its soft and bouncy quality allows for versatile styling, whether you desire added volume at the roots or full, flowing locks.

A significant advantage is that this topper is made from human hair, allowing you to treat it just like your own. You can style, color, and apply heat to achieve your desired look. With proper care, it can maintain its quality for many months.


  • Type: Long-length 18″ topper
  • Material: Premium European hair
  • Blend seamlessly with natural hair
  • Silky smooth texture and natural shine


  • Soft, bouncy, and versatile
  • Made from human hair
  • Customizable: style, color, heat style
  • Easy to care for, long-lasting
  • Held in place with clips or secure fastening methods

Designed at a generous 18″ length, this human hair wig topper is a perfect choice for women with shoulder-length hair or shorter. The expertly wefted hair sits comfortably on your head, secured in place with clips or other reliable fastening methods.

In summary, the long-length 18″ topper made from premium European hair is a top pick for women seeking increased length and volume through hair extensions. Its natural texture, versatility, and ease of maintenance make it a popular and high-quality choice.

This topper features 7″ x 7 1/2″ hand-tied human hair and is 18″ in length. It is attached with 6 clips to seamlessly incorporate into your style, though some styling may be required for a perfect blend.

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